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The Rock River Rescue Foundation was founded in 2002 to improve the aquatic ecosystem of the river within the Watertown City limits. The funds we raise are used for fish stocking, habitat improvement, education and handicap access to the river.

The organization was founded by six members, life long Watertown residents who wanted their children, grandchildren and others to experience and enjoy the river as they did. The original target area has expanded from the 154 acres between the dams in Watertown to now include the 60-mile stretch between Watertown and Lake Sinissippi in Hustisford. Presently we have over 100 members and welcome anyone interested in additional information or in joining us to contact us.

The RRRF uses four key "tools" to improve the river.
These include:

- carp removal: removed hundreds of thousands of carp.

- fish stocking to introduce predators of carp: stocked 900,000 game and pan fish since 2002.

- habitat improvement to increase the carrying capacity (numbers) of beneficial fish species

- providing access to those who want to use the river-handicap accessible piers purchased and donated to the City of Watertown in 2003 and 2006. These piers are installed at Fannie Lewis and Riverside Parks. In 2016 we continue our clean up and restoration of the Heiden Pond area

The Rock River Rescue Foundation participated in the 2010 Rock River Sweep. In addition to improving the river, the Foundation has purchased and installed bag and size limit signage as well as carp removal receptacles. The Foundation also donates fishing equipment to area children and meets with area youth to teach them about conservation and angling basics.

All Foundation activities are funded through donations from individuals, businesses, and service organizations, as well as our own fundraising efforts. All funds and donations are used to achieve our goal of a healthier Rock River ecosystem. As the Foundation has done its work, we have seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of gamefish and panfish being caught within our target area. There has also been a slight increase in the amount of aquatic vegetation, and decreased water turbidity, due in part to reduced numbers of carp.

Our thanks to the Izaak Walton League Wisconsin Division for their strong support of the Rock River Rescue Foundation for over 10 years.
Rescuing The Rock River
"Watertown group stocking river, improving Heiden Pond"

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